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The importance of Interior Design in a HMO (House of Multiple Occupancy)

We’ve learned a lot this year, our first year in business, but perhaps the most important thing we’ve learned is how important it is to get the interior design right to maximise rental income and attract tenants.

You only have two seconds to get someone to stop scrolling and click on your advert. Ultimately the photos and the way your rooms are set up will attract tenants and your interior design choices are what will make them want to stay.

Here are three important things to consider with your HMO.


Each room will have its own dimensions and you need to take this into account when planning the best room layout. Ideally, you will have a double bed however if space is limited you will need to be clever with other bits of furniture to make sure the room doesn’t look too overcrowded. Consider single door wardrobes, under bed storage, and tall boy chests to maximise height and drawer space. Think about where your radiators are in the room, place them on walls that can’t be used for furniture.


Coming up with a scheme and coherent colour palette that can be rolled out through out your property is key to a successful HMO. Think about the amount of natural light that your property gets, a well lit space gives you a wider choice of colours to place with. Take into consideration the use of each room before picking a wall colour; using pink or orange in a bedroom might not be everyones cup of tea!


We are private people and as such want our own space and bathroom. Given the choice, the majority of tenants would go for a bedroom with an ensuite. If you are redesigning and renovating a HMO, this is a non negotiable in our eyes.

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