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How do I know my interior design style?

It can often be a struggle to sift out the style you want from all the Insta pages, vlogs, magazines and Pinterest boards out there. The volume of information can be overwhelming and leave you deflated and losing interest in your home. Fear not! We can help with a few very simple steps to get you on your way.. (if not give us a call and we'll help you out gladly)

Firstly, do your research and gather interiors pictures that spark a little something for you. Whether you cut out pictures from a magazine or create a Pinterest board, collecting them all in one place is the best place to start.

From your assembled choices, work out what the overriding colour choices are, whether you seem to prefer carpets or wooden floor, are you leaning towards a neutral scandi vibe or do your images portray a penchant for pastels?

Now, you're ready for the fun part- creating a moodboard! You can do this on Canva for free or continue to use Pinterest, but start a separate board. The best way to start is with a colour palette. Looking at your choices from your research stage, pick 3 or 4 colours (we'd recommend using a paint brand like Farrow & Ball, Lick, etc to choose your exact colours, remember you can get these colours mixed up at any decorating centre) that keep coming up.

These colours will be your base for choosing your wall paint, furniture, & accessories. You'll need a primary colour, these are the colours that will feature the most i.e. on the wall. Then a secondary colour, this will need to blend with the primary and can be used in your furniture and accessories. Lastly, you'll need a POP colour, which will come out in your accessories or art work. You can see from this moodboard: the primary colour is the dark grey, the secondary is neutral/beige and the pops are the yellow & orange.

From there, you're ready to build your mood board and without realising, we've done us out of service in one single blog.

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Lou Fox
Lou Fox
15 mar

Great tips, and colour-matching from Farrow & Ball, Lick, etc, is an ingenious way to inject beautiful colour on a tighter budget.

Me gusta
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