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Make your HMO stand out

HMO Investor Service 


The HMO market is getting competitive by the day and tenant expectations are higher than ever. Using our HMO service will help you visualise and showcase your HMO even before it’s ready, attracting tenants and buyers before the renovation is complete! You can pick and choose which services you require to create your bespoke HMO package. 


Our service includes: 


  • Discovery call and visit to the property to take videos & photos to help with our planning.


  • Mood boards for bedrooms/living areas/hallway & landing, kitchen & bathroom design, flooring and carpets, colour palettes. 


  • A comprehensive hyperlinked shopping list for ordering furniture.


  • Ordering of all the furniture/accessories/artwork etc & a PDF of the receipts will be provided.


  • Staging Day: We personally place & move the furniture in each room ensuring best possible layout, put mirrors & pictures on wall, check all items from the mood boards are in room.


  • Photography Day: Video walk throughs, photos of each room, wide angle lens shots, dressing each room for photos with our own items, post production editing.

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